Listeria detection and confirmation in 3.5 days

Today we celebrated the launch of our revolutionary DNA-based rapID test for Listeria monocytogenes enabling detection in 3 days and confirmation within 4 hours, and all at the same price as traditional approaches.

The current ‘gold standard’ for Listeria detection is an ELISA-based approach validated by by a combination of specific biochemical tests, but the assay is slow (5-6 days in toto), expensive and subject to false-positive identifications which can be a real problem.

Geneius’ new PCR-based assay enables precise identification and confirmation of Listeria. And rapid confirmation, heralds a new era in Listeria testing – cutting detection and confirmation times by half ie from 5-6 to 3.5 days. As well as being precise, the assay is also extremely sensitive – capable of detecting 2 bacteria in 25 g of food – and is specific to Listeria monocytogenes which avoids false positive identifications associated with traditional approaches which find it difficult to discriminate between Listeria monocytogenes and its cousins (like Listeria innocua and Listeria ivanovii).