R&D grant aid accessible via NE Business Link Award

Geneius’ R&D expertise has been recognised by the award of NE Business Link Innovation Support Service Provider status allowing us to provide Business Link-funded R&D support to local SMEs for eligible projects.

As part of Business Link’s aid package for small-to-medium sized enterprises there are opportunities to benefit from 100% grant aid for innovative R&D projects assisting product development via the Innovation Voucher scheme. Geneius has now been added to the Innovation Service Provider register which allows the company’s R&D expertise to be made available to local businesses. This, effectively, gives the company the same Innovation Provider status as the five Universities in the region.

If you are interested in exploiting this award to assist with microbiological testing/product development, or wish to learn more about the Innovation Voucher scheme, contact Chris on 0191 243 0871.