Geneius Start Up Packages

Geneius small business packages are specifically designed to deliver the analytical and consultative needs of start-ups and new producers. The packages ensure legislation is met and test the product integrity and safety during development and market introduction.

Technical brief (1 product):
Nutritional analysis:
Energy Values, Protein, Carbohydrate (of which sugars), Fat (of which saturates), Sodium, Dietary Fibre.

Shelf life:
Product stored as required. 
Microbiological analysis is carried out at 5 time points. This enables
confirmation of microbiological safety throughout shelf life.

Intrinsic safety parameters:
Water activity and pH. To assess a product’s ability to support the growth of food spoilage or pathogenic microorganisms.

Telephone consultation (15 minutes):
Discussion / consultation on technical aspects.

Bespoke packages can be developed to meet specific individual requirements.