Geneius Investigative Technology- Growth Through Expanding Horizons


UK imports from non EU countries has grown significantly in recent years and in a post Brexit world we can anticipate these figures increasing even more rapidly. This growing import trade has led to the development of new opportunities for Geneius’ market leading investigative DNA technology.

£ millions
  2013 2014 2015 2016 Average Annual Growth Rate
United States 32,060 32,846 35,291 40,177 3.3
China 31,579 33,891 36,103 35,783 5.8
Canada 10,590 9,888 9,523 10,969 3.5
Hong Kong 7,012 6,775 6,573 9,788 -0.1
Japan 7,397 6,926 7,028 9,394 3.3
India 6,186 6,567 6,063 6,045 4.3


Source: HMRC, Overseas Trade Statistics


The Cause

Growth is being driven by the need for importers to micro-biologically test consumer goods which are typically being introduced by ship from the Far East or Subcontinent. In many cases the goods have been in transit for 6-8 weeks and have potentially become contaminated either pre-shipment or during the transportation period.

Rapid Response Time

Generally these are large shipments with significant commercial value and the response is time critical. Customers are seeking fast and precise identification of the contamination, its likely source, impact on the safety and integrity of the goods and recommendations as to which action they should take next.

Why Geneius?

The flexibility, adaptability and robustness of the Geneius DNA technology makes it the obvious choice to deliver the most accurate and cost effective identification of the contamination. The range of goods which can be tested is certainly not exhaustive and currently ranges from sporting goods to luxury cars.

The Resolution

The Geneius investigative team have a depth of experience in delivering solutions in this sector and due to the unique capabilities of the Geneius microID platform are able to deliver species level ‘blind’ identification of yeast, mould and bacteria from any received product. This ensures that the customer receives the most effective and rapid response in order to assess the most appropriate course of action.