SYNLAB generate new solutions through challenge test expertise

SYNLAB technical expertise provides tailored microbial investigations for the food industry.

SYNLAB Food Testing UK have developed a reputation as the ‘go to’ experts of choice for microbiological investigative testing with many leading food manufacturers and retailers. In developing this market leading position SYNLAB have accrued a significant amount of expertise and knowledge in the development and implementation of challenge testing across the food, beverage and dairy sectors.

Challenge tests involve the careful inoculation of a product with a specific microorganism to monitor the ability of the product to support the growth of the contaminant during its life from production, distribution, storage and handling and assess how that may compromise the product.

The scope of a challenge tests can be wide ranging. From finding the growth potential of Listeria monocytogenes in ready to eat foods to fully bespoke projects developed with customer technical teams to assess, for example, the efficacy of disinfectants or preservatives.

All challenge tests are carefully managed and developed with discussions between the client and SYNLAB. They are particularly well matched to SYNLAB core capability as there is a significant requirement for technical expertise in order to interpret results and offer meaningful advice and a high level of support during the life of the test.

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